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Thorn Bushes Have Roses

on November 7, 2012

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

It seems the human nature is about focusing on the negative and things that go wrong. But we should work at changing our focus, to see the positive and things that are right in our day. A glass half full!

During Lincoln’s time there was a lot of turmoil and suffering with the Civil War and fighting for the abolition of slavery. He had to be strong in spirit and character. For him to say that we should rejoice because the thorn bushes have roses – that is strong in spirit and character. He focused on the good and hoped amidst turmoil.

Positive thinking brings about success and achievement, and we need to work at it. No matter if we falter during the day with a complaint or negative feeling, still be kind to yourself. When you think optimistically, give yourself a treat – a pat on the back, a smile, a reward. Gradually, your view on life will be filled more with joyful thoughts. Think of it as a flowering plant – water it with clean water, and the flower will bloom and thrive, but water it with dirty liquid and it will shrivel and die. Let us fill ourselves with clean fresh thoughts so we can bloom and thrive! See the roses wherever you are.


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