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Love always and forgive easily

on November 24, 2012

“Forgiveness simply means you accept the person as they are, you still love them for the way they are. Forgiveness means that you don’t judge them, that you are non-judgmental. But ordinarily we think forgiveness means you know what they’ve done wrong, still you forgive him. First you judge and then you forgive. Your forgiveness is false. Real forgiveness has no judgment. It never says, “No, you have done wrong, but still I forgive you.” It simply accepts the person as he is. There is no grudge, no complaint, no grumbling. There is no question really of forgiving because there is no anger in the first place.” —Osho

It takes a lot of guts to let go of grudges and forgive someone. And yet that is what God ultimately wants of us, to love always and forgive easily. We are taught to “say it like you mean it”, to apologize from the heart when we’ve messed up. And likewise, we also must “say it like you mean it” and completely forgive the person who’s messed up. God doesn’t want us to just accept an apologize; instead, he wants us to totally remove all hard feelings and judgments out of our mind and start over with a fresh perception. To love others as they are, accepting all of them, even their faults. This is how relationships and our sense of humility and compassion grow stronger. Forgive like you mean it and you will be free to love.


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