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Cherish your relationships

on January 9, 2013

~Choices you can commit to in your relationships:
*Choose to be – faithful to God
*Choose to do – forgive others, go beyond forgiveness
*Choose to say – words of blessings and love – 
(from Calm My Anxious Heart)

Close relationships are worthwhile, yet challenging. We are constantly learning how to love others better and push aside our own selfish needs. Don’t forget to show your love the best you can in a special way that will bond you together. We express love in different, yet equally beautiful ways, and we shouldn’t be afraid to make that known! Write love letters, talk, spend time on individual hobbies, even just read close together on the couch.

When relationships are at a tense moment, don’t get caught up in who’s right and wrong, don’t get caught up in defending yourself, don’t get overwhelmed. Talk through things quietly and calmly, forgive and learn to apologize genuinely.

Let the intimacy grow and may your relationships be healthy and good.

And with all relationships, may it be founded on God, on your faith. Know that God is with you both as your relationship together blossoms.


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