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Imperfection is beautiful

on January 11, 2013

I’ve been reading The Gifts of Imperfection, and it’s a great mood booster. It’s always nice to read self-help books and strive to be better. In this case, it’s telling me that even if I don’t get better, I am good as I am. I am imperfect, but that’s ok.

Everyone is imperfect. And we may easily forgive and accept other’s imperfections, but often it’s too difficult to forgive and love our own imperfections. We all make mistakes and we all dislike some aspect of ourselves. But we need to embrace our imperfections, strengthen our talents, and love ourselves! When we love ourselves and accept who we are, we can better love others and embrace the beauty around us.

We can dwell on all the negatives and imperfections in our life…or we can smile and realize we are blessed, we are unique, we are created beautifully by God and He loves all of us, even our imperfections.

Embrace your imperfections, laugh, smile, and don’t be so critical on yourself! Love with your whole heart, feel empowered to be you.



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