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Prayer for Virtues

on February 20, 2013

“O Almighty and all-knowing God, without beginning or end, who art the giver, preserver, and rewarder of all virtue:

Grant me to stand firm on the solid foundation of faith, 
be protected by the invincible shield of hope, 
and be adorned by the nuptial garment of charity;

Grant me by justice to obey thee,
by prudence to resist the crafts of the Devil,
by temperance to hold to moderation,
by fortitude to bear adversity with patience;

Grant that the goods that I have I may share liberally 
with those who have not,
and the good that I do not have I may seek with humility 
from those who have;

Grant that I may truly recognise the guilt of the evil I have done,
and bear with equanimity the punishments I have deserved; 
that I may never lust after the goods of my neighbour, 
but always give thanks to thee for all thy good gifts…

Plant in me, O Lord, all thy virtues, 
that in divine matters I might be devout, 
in human affairs wise, 
and in the proper needs of the flesh onerous to no one…

And grant that I may never rush to do things hastily,
nor balk to do things demanding,
so that I neither yearn for things too soon,
nor desert things before they are finished.
Amen.” -by Thomas Aquinas

There are many virtues in the Christian faith. Seven Catholic virtues include prudence, justice, temperance, and courage, along with faith, hope, and charity. To be wise and make reasonable decisions, to be just and kind and do what’s morally right for others, to be obedient and resist temptation, to show strength in hard times, to believe in God and His plan for you, and to give and love always. Other principles important to one’s moral identity include chastity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. May we strive to improve ourselves each day and work on strengthening those virtues we are weak in.

What are some virtues that you could work on? Pray that God will bless you with these virtues. May you strive to live a life pleasing to Him.


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