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Happy things about your life

on February 27, 2013

For a mood booster, force yourself to list happy things about your life. Happy things about where you live, what you do, things you enjoy doing. Happy things about your family, about your significant other – moments that they make you smile. Happy things about your travels. Happy things about your pets. Happy movies you like or music that makes you happy. All the blessings from God – the list will go on and only make you feel happier by dwelling on the happy in your life. So list away!

  • seeing green trees, rolling hills, and mountains when I come home after being away on a trip
  • hearing my cats meow and purr after I’ve been gone all day
  • tackling new projects like making a cat tower or my own crocheted headband, and feeling good about the experience and result
  • being creative with food and ingredients at work
  • doodling for no reason at all other than to make my mind wander and relax
  • tight hugs from my mom and dad
  • laughing and smiling with my sister
  • holding hands with my boyfriend as we go walking outside
  • trying new restaurants with friends and family
  • watching upbeat you-tube videos of favorite musicians like The Piano Guys, MHJR, and Boyce Avenue
  • watching birds eat at the bird feeder
  • seeing dogs wag their tails
  • relaxing on the couch, being engrossed in a good book
  • having tea with my boyfriend
  • taking pictures of my sister and I
  • having a piece of chocolate
  • learning to play a new board game

Remember that you are blessed with so much happiness! Take time to reflect on your joy.


One response to “Happy things about your life

  1. Linda says:

    Good list. I’m glad your mama was mentioned! 🙂

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