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Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

Look through my eyes

on March 27, 2013

“There are things in life you’re learning, and over time you’ll see, Because out there somewhere it’s all waiting and if you keep believing, So don’t run, don’t hide, it will be alright! You’ll see, trust me, I’ll be there watching over you! Just take a look through my eyes, There’s a better place somewhere out there! Just take a look, through my eyes, Everything changes, you’ll be amazed what you’ll find! If you look through my eyes!” – Phil Collins

This song, from the movie Brother Bear, really touches me. It’s about having faith, knowing someone is watching over you, and someone cares and understands you.

I relate this to our God. He knows all things and cares for us and watches over us. He provides us with all we need, and we shall seek Him. We shall trust in Him, have faith and hope for what lies ahead, and understand and find clarity through Him. We shall see as He sees, and we shall live like Christ. Oh boy! Then, we will be amazed at what lies ahead and what we’ll find!


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