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Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

Healing and Gratitude

on April 15, 2013

“While Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, he was going through the area between Samaria and Galilee. As he came into a small town, ten men who had a skin disease met him there. They did not come close to Jesus but called to him, ‘Jesus! Master! Have mercy on us!’ When Jesus saw the men, he said, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ As the ten men were going, they were healed. When one of them saw that he was healed, he went back to Jesus, praising God in a loud voice. Then he bowed down at Jesus’ feet and thanked him. (And this man was a Samaritan.) Jesus said, ‘Weren’t ten men healed? Where are the other nine? Is this Samaritan the only one who came back to thank God?’Then Jesus said to him, ‘Stand up and go on your way. You were healed because you believed.’ ” – Luke 17:11-19

Ten lepers were healed from leprosy by Jesus, but then nine went along in their ways without giving thanks or praise to Him. Not so with the one leper, the Samaritan, who went back to Jesus and gave his love and appreciation to Him.

Have you ever been ill or in a difficult situation, but then when you are well again or happy in your life, you forget it all, without giving thanks or praise to God? Too many things we can take for granted, but really, we should be grateful to Him in any situation. He gives us that joy, that peace, that healing.

So as we start this new week, let us really come to give thanks and praise in every situation, big and small. Just a simple prayer of gratitude. God heals and does wonderful things, and we need to truly give thanks.


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