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Nick Vujicic & other role models

on April 21, 2013

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration to many. I’ve been reading his book, Life Without Limits, and love it! It speaks so many positive words of encouragement and hope, and gives you a glimpse of how one person can touch the lives of so many others.






As someone who was born imperfect, without limbs, he shows us that it’s ok to be imperfect. We are “perfectly imperfect” and we should love ourselves and embrace our uniqueness. He also talks about attitude and focusing on those attitudes that give you altitude. Forgive, be empathetic, be a person of action, and express gratitude. And have FAITH – Full Assurance in the Heart. Even though we cannot see why God made us the way he did, we still believe in a greater purpose and know that God is watching out for us.

Who is someone that you’ve been touched by? Who is inspirational to you? I hope that we ourselves can also be inspirational and make a difference to at least one person.

I find that inspirational, motivational, how-to books are good for the soul. They reinforce how I should be and act, and help me work on myself, to be a better Christian. I pray that you may find a role model to look up to. Most importantly, I hope you may strive to be more like Jesus.


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