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Be ridiculous!

on May 5, 2013

Nick Vujicic has some ridiculous rules!

“Number one is Ridiculous Risk: Be willing to blow past the doubters and the naysayers and make a leap to live your dreams. Some may say you are being ridiculous. Your response should be: ‘Why, yes I am!’…You can’t let their ridicule rid you of your dream…

Number two is Ridiculous Fun: Take time to enjoy your life and your loved ones. Laugh, love, and have ridiculous fun so others can share the joy…take the opportunity to be as playful as you can be…

Stepping out of your place of comfort opens the possibility for stretching and growing…test the waters, and take your life to a new level…To live, you must be willing to reach and stretch. To live well, you must learn to control the odds by knowing the upside and downside before you make a move…

Enjoy the ride, embrace the blessings, and always push not just to live but to enjoy your life to the fullest…The most ridiculously good feeling comes over me when work and play become one. I encourage you to go for that feeling too…

Live to glorify God, and don’t leave an ounce of energy, a trace of your uniqueness, behind. Dare to be ridiculous, and you will be ridiculously happy.”

From Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic.


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