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What Would _ Do?

on May 8, 2013

Today I was in a difficult situation where someone I work with made a rude and hurtful comment. This made me upset, and I had feelings of anger, confusion, hatred, sadness, sensitivity, and discontentment.

When I feel in a difficult situation, I want to feel better myself and so I try to think happy thoughts, positive quotes, and uplifting words. All good things to do! What else can I do though?

God tells us to love one another as He loves us. To love others, even our enemies. Such a hard concept to grasp, especially someone you do not like and is rude to you. In my situation today, I asked for God’s strength and wisdom, and I know that at all times I have His Holy Spirit within me empowering me for anything.

So, I asked myself, What would Jesus do? He would offer kindness and forgiveness. He would offer love, to help that person, to calm my fears and hatred. What would Mary mother of God do? She would offer gentleness and understanding. She would offer compassion.

What would __ do? Ask yourself that question when you need some strength and guidance. What would my mom do? She would ask questions and stand tall. What would my dad do? He would be genuinely understanding and optimistic. What would my sister do? She would pray to God and be wise in her words.


One response to “What Would _ Do?

  1. Linda says:

    Great reflection. Praying for strength and happiness. 🙂

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