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Be kind to everyone

on May 15, 2013

A person walks past you with a glare and you begin to wonder if your hair is sticking up or you have something in your tooth. A coworker writes a rude email response and you feel deflated. The receptionist at the doctors is stern and not helpful and you feel impatient and confused.

We all have had those moments, where you experience the day to day moments in life but they kind of bite you. And you wonder, why me? Why are they so grumpy?

But what if you were in their shoes? What if you realized that they are all fighting a hard battle, just like you. What if the person who glares past you is worrying about her loved one who is sick. What if the coworker is really just having pms and insomnia all at once? 🙂 What if the receptionist is about to move to a new house and is stressing about all the things to get ready?

These things happen, so we need to let go of our grudges and be kind. Kindness brings smiles to even those people. Give alittle sunshine in their hectic lives with even a small act of kindness and patience.


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