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Ancient Trees

on May 23, 2013

To me, it’s a peaceful feeling when I’m outside among the trees. Tall, majestic  giant, beautiful. They’ve held up to all sorts of weather, like droughts, freezes, winds, and heat. They grow slowly and steadily. Their shapes are each unique. And they tower above, with their limbs and leaves reaching to the skies and their roots spreading outward and about.

This weekend I hiked among the Badlands, in Central Oregon, where there are among the oldest trees in Oregon. It was a peaceful feeling to be there, where they have been for hundreds and hundreds of years. I like to wonder about their growth, when they first came up, the time era then, and the things they’ve survived through. And to wonder how many more years they will still stand strong.

To think these trees are God’s creations! He is capable of creating wonderful things. He is the source of life and growth. So, for us, let us seek Him for growth and live our day according to God’s will.
badlands old juniper


One response to “Ancient Trees

  1. Linda says:

    Love trees. Nicely written.

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