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on May 29, 2013

This past weekend I watched a PBS show on hummingbirds. It was interesting to learn about these unique birds. It’s that season for hummingbirds here in the Northwest and they are quite fascinating to watch. Small birds with such speed, grace, and intelligence.

Hummingbirds: Magic In The Air – PBS Episode


Hummingbirds are native to the Americas and they migrate from Central America in the fall/winter to North America in the spring/summer. It’s fascinating to learn about the evolution and the variation in the species. The sword-billed hummingbird, for instance, has evolved to to have an extra long beak to get the nectar in the long flower of Passiflora mixta. 

Hummingbirds can hoover and can flap their wings up to 80 times per second, and fly at speeds even above 34 mph (see Wikipedia). That’s fast for such a tiny creature.

It’s neat to see the males trying to get the female’s attention by doing “display dives” where they dive in the air and then spread their tail feathers out to create a unique loud chirp.

So I just wanted to share. I really enjoy learning about animals; it’s just so magnificent how God created such unique beauty! I see God and His beauty in the hummingbirds and the animals that we see on Earth.


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