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The Eucharist

on June 4, 2013

This past Sunday was a special day, the solemnity of the most holy body and blood of Christ. This is a time to really focus on the meaning of the Eucharist and how Jesus becomes apart of that and apart of us. Catholic News Agency describes more about this feast:

Our priest made a short but powerful statement that stuck with me:

When we eat food, the food becomes digested and converts into nutrients and body cells….in essence, food we eat becomes our flesh.

The holy communion is something opposite to this – when we eat the bread and body of Christ, we become Christ. Christ now enters into us, we don’t convert that into ourselves. He is here with us, in the depths of our souls.

The body of Christ is meant to be experienced with a community. We break bread and drink wine together at mass. Jesus feeds thousands of people, in groups, and nourishes their souls as a community of people.

Let us thank God for the power of the Eucharist, asking God to give us the holy spirit, to let Christ come inside of us. And let us thank God for sharing our faith with others, for coming together as a community of believers.


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