Sisters For Sunshine

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Tending to the garden

on June 11, 2013

Finally, the sun here is shining for most of the week. Summertime is around the corner. And my plants and flowers are growing quite nicely. I’ve been busy watering them daily, pruning, and pulling up weeds. I’m enjoying harvesting my garden of vegetable plants too.

To keep my yard and garden growing and looking nice, I have to work at it. Isn’t that also what we have to do in our lives, to keep us growing and thriving and living life according to God? We must tend to our hearts, fill ourselves with holy water. We must prune and pick up any dead useless things and harvest the good.

What can you do to harvest the good? Tend to your spirit. Read the Bible – holy words and thoughts and the love of Christ will fill your soul. Go to church, and surround yourself with positive Christians. Exercise and eat nutritiously, to keep your body fit and healthy. Live each day with a mind focused on God. Make an effort each day and stay on track! Only then will you grow and thrive and harvest good.


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