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Stop comparing

on June 15, 2013


It’s easy to compare yourself to others, compare your wardrobe to what other people are wearing, and compare your home to how others decorate theirs. Don’t get caught up in that!

As I move into a new house, I got caught up in the excitement of reorganizing and re-decorating the house. I kept thinking about how other spouses have their houses so nicely decorated with wall art, curtains, etc… and I wanted that.

I need to be grounded constantly on what I should be focusing on. I have to stop thinking about what I don’t have, and instead enjoy the things, and most importantly the people, that I do have in my life.

Decorating one’s home and getting new clothes are fun, but we have to be practical. Be grateful for the home you’ve built so far and be grateful for the clothes you already have. Slowly add decorations. Be wise in spending. And most importantly, stop evaluating your life based on what other people have.

Each of our lives are special and lovely. We can’t let comparisons lessen how great it is.  Be happy with what you have!


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