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Winding down

on June 17, 2013

What are some activities you do and techniques you use to wind down for the evening before bed? How do you relax? What is the best way that will get you to fall asleep and sleep well?

Here are some good tips to getting a good night sleep:

I like taking a light walk when the sun is setting, then listening to soft music and reading. That always make me sleepy! Keeping electronics to a minimum while in bed, is good too, to calm the mind. I also find that when I focus on saying all my prayers, I go to sleep before I realize that I’ve completed them. Drinking warm tea is nice and soothing, too.

If you find yourself stressing in the middle of the night, have a notepad at your bed and write down all the to-do’s and things going through your mind. They say that letting out your thoughts on paper allows you to free your mind from the thoughts and go back to a good sleep.

Here’s to good sleep and relaxation before bed. Make time to wind down!


One response to “Winding down

  1. Linda says:

    Good advice. Love reading your blog!

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