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Something greater than this

on June 24, 2013

In the book, “Forty Poems For Restless Nights”, by Suzanne Simonovich, there are simple yet truthful poems to help you grow closer to Jesus and feel His comfort. I found the poem, “Something Greater Than This” to be uplifting and comforting.

Something Greater Than This

Oh’ Lord, I fall to my knees

And gaze at the sky, knowing

The sun gleams Your existence

And the stars wink Your secrets.

As I bask in Your light

I am comforted

Knowing there is no hurt Your love cannot heal.

I doubt my abilities,

Yet I know You are the greatest teacher,

Giving me strength to excel!

I am scared but I know Your arms will protect me.

I am worried, still I place my trust in You.

I am tired but I know You will refresh my soul.

And although I have sinned,

I know Your grace will find my tender naive qualities.

I ask for forgiveness

For I know there is something greater than this.


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