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Calm the inner chatter

on August 2, 2013

I thought to share a page from the book, Choosing Happiness, by Stephanie Dowrick. I’m always thinking and hearing my voice in my head. This article is good advice to calm your thoughts and focus on peace.

” There are many ways to experience those qualities for yourself, to quiet your inner chatter and develop your awareness of your deeper self. Meditation is the most powerful way to discover and experience your inner stillness and stability. These methods are also helpful:

  • Prayer, inspirational reading, singing, chanting
  • Allowing yourself to become absorbed in nature
  • Mindfulness (close awareness of what’s happening right here, right now)
  • Guided meditation
  • Calling up an image of stillness to counteract constant thought
  • Focusing on qualities and values
  • Creating positive intentions
  • Writing a letter to your inner wisdom
  • Valuing and creating external stillness and silence”

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