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Daily reminders

on August 15, 2013

Where do you see daily reminders of God’s love?

Reading the bible and prayers certainly have positive messages of encouragement. Where else do you see God in your daily life, that could encourage and motivate you to stand strong and be happy in your day?

I think of listening to music. Music that makes me feel at peace, makes me smile, makes me excited. All of those remind me that God made beautiful music, and he’s here for us, guiding us in our day.

I also think of the people and animals around me. When I see my cats being goofy, when I have a good conversation with a family member, or when I get to see a friend – all those opportunities remind me of God’s love and the gifts He generously gives me in my life.

So, I definitely do have daily reminders from God, to live every day being fearless and hopeful, trusting in Him!


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