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I am…

on August 22, 2013

I’ve been struggling with my self talk – the voice in my head that seems to be constantly talking, worrying, and making me feel down. To change your self talk and feel better, my doctor recommended thinking positive adjectives about yourself and to repeat these over and over throughout the day, especially when you are getting ready in the morning and going to bed. You start and end with good thoughts about yourself.

When I started to write down the adjectives, I kept thinking more and more descriptors that would boost my mood, and I’ve written over 100! I keep this in my purse and carry it with me to bed and to the bathroom when I’m looking in the mirror.

What adjectives can you think of that will boost your confidence and mood? Doing this activity will only make you more grounded and self assured for who you are and how great you are!



and the list goes on!


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