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Let go and move forward

on August 23, 2013

We’ve covered this topic multiple times, but it’s worth repeating!

Move forward. Focus on improvements and what you can fix instead of dwelling on the mess-ups. Try over and over, never give up or feel weary. We all have strengths and talents, followed by flaws and weaknesses. No matter what, hang out with the people that appreciate all of you, and don’t worry about the flaws.

“The goal is not perfection but rather a posture of moving toward healthy habits and characteristics.” -Brad Lomenick, The Catalyst Leader

“If you try anything, if you try to lose weight, or to improve yourself, or to love, or to make the world a better place, you have already achieved something wonderful, before you even begin. Forget failure. If things don’t work out the way you want, hold your head up high and be proud. And try again. And again. And again!” -Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon 

“You don’t have to be good at something to be liked.” -Stephen Richards

“Failures can be called ‘strengtheners’ as they make you determined to reach your goal with the lessons they teach.” -Stephen Richards

A great article on moving forward can be found here:

moving forward



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