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Noah’s obedience

on September 16, 2013

“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord…Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.” -Genesis 6:8-9

I’m reading about Noah and his faithfulness to God during a time when everyone else was immoral and unfaithful. It’s so motivating to see Noah’s faith put into action!

Noah was instructed by God to build an arc and was told to anticipate a huge devastating flood. Noah obeyed 100%.

Can you imagine? God sends him detailed instructions – I would have been so doubtful, worried about my capabilities to fulfill God’s request and hoping I wouldn’t forget anything. I would have been so nervous about the flood happening, and sad that everything is going to change. How would you have felt?

On the positive side, I would have felt complete joy and gratitude to God, because God chose me and wanted to protect me from the flood! What did Noah did immediately after the flood waters subsided? He went immediately to building an altar to worship and honor God.

Noah did everything God asked of him, even when he didn’t understand what was going on. Noah may have experienced doubt, worry, and confusion, but he acted on his faith and kept moving forward. Like Noah, we need to trust in God’s timing and what He has in store for us, even when we don’t see the full picture.

Push aside your worries and act in righteousness! Trust God and listen to His requests for you. Obey like Noah.


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