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Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

God’s love flows

on October 7, 2013

“God’s love is not a slowly dripping faucet or a well we must dig for ourselves. It is a rushing stream that flows from His heart into ours”.  -David McCasland

God’s love is unconditional. He loves you for you, yet wants you to be better. He loves all of His creation and cherishes it. What He wants most from us is to turn to Him in love and devotion and then share His love with others.

God’s love is like a waterfall…it fills us with goodness, joy, and peace, and trickles down to other people. His love fills our whole being and enables us to pass on His love to others.

Let love fill the world, let love be the answer. Share God’s flowing love with everyone around you!

Here’s a nice article about ways to better embrace God’s love!


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