Sisters For Sunshine

Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection


on October 14, 2013

“Gratia” = gift in Latin. It refers to gratitude.

Gratitude is a life changing attitude! It leads to faith, love, and so much more.

We really have much to be grateful for. We need to focus on the grace of God, the blessings that He gives us that we don’t deserve.

When we start to see all that we have, we see that it is so much! When we focus on gratitude, it fills us and pushes out the shadows of envy and greed. It breaks those shadows up. It gives us a sense of purpose, optimism, and hope.

Our priest told a story about a professional photographer going through a rough period. He came across a tree and was captivated by it. He decided to see what it was like to take photos on his phone every day for 365 days. It changed him completely and brought him out of his slump. He appreciated seeing that tree every day, appreciated nature and the setting around him, and appreciated the opportunity to try again at photography.

Have the mindset of gratitude. Reflect on God’s grace and His bountiful blessings. It will change your view on life!


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