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You’re Already Amazing

on October 28, 2013

I have started reading “You’re Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth.

It is filled with such good truths to empower women! I feel more confident and loved as I read through it. The book has reflective questions in the back for each chapter and some questions to think about within each chapter’s pages.

God tells us we are:
“Loved, Accepted, Chosen, Mine”

But the enemy speaks lies into our hearts and minds to make us think otherwise.

One lie that I want to share today is about being perfect.

Lie #1: I have to be perfect


God’ goal for our lives is growth and there is a difference between growth and our typical idea of “perfection”
Perfectionism is all or nothing.
Growth is little by little.
Perfectionism is all about the goal.
Growth is more about the journey.
Perfectionism is about outward appearances.
Growth is about what happens on the inside.
Perfectionism is about what we do.
Growth is about who we’re becoming.”

I love that! God loves us for who we are, but He wants us to grow and become better. Not do more things, not seem perfect, but be a better person on the inside little by little.

Remember you are not perfect and that is OK! You are loved by God and that is enough.


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