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Change your mind to be obedient to God

on November 5, 2013

“The mind is a battlefield. It is a vital necessity that we line our thoughts with God’s thoughts. This is a process that will take time and study. Don’t ever give up, because little by little you are changing. The more you change your mind for the better, the more your life will also change for the better” – Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer, author of Battlefield of the Mind, tells us to fight the battle of our mind by letting go negative thoughts and being obedient to God. If our minds are confused, full of doubt or anxiety, we should cast all our care and fears on Him. He will renew our minds and line our thoughts with His.

Trust in Him that He will give you spiritual rest.  You will be stronger and your life will be full and abundant when you change your mind to a mind obedient to God!


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