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About Time and Life

on November 12, 2013

I recently saw the movie About Time and thought it was beautifully filmed, wonderfully narrated, and amazingly powerful in its message. It made me laugh, tear up, reflect, and feel empowered.

Tim, who can travel through time, just to fix minor things or do-over mess-ups, or cherish a memory again, shows us the journey of life. He learns through his time travel that sometimes we have to experience life’s mistakes in order to grow from them, and sometimes we can’t help others fix their own problems. Also, we have to cherish each moment before it’s gone. We shouldn’t be able to re-live that moment (and we can’t if we wanted to like Tim). Tim learns that as we enter each second and each moment in our life, we need to soak up all the surroundings, let the memory envelope us with happiness, and just be filled with excitement for life, whatever comes our way.

Many times we are too busy, too preoccupied in our thoughts, too emotional, or out of touch with what’s going on in that moment that we forget to cherish it and then lose that special moment. Life is special each day, even if it’s not a big exciting moment, it’s still is life worth celebrating.

If we all really thought about it, we have so many things in life to be grateful for and to smile about. In each moment and in each day, life is filled with beauty. Do not take advantage of all your many blessings. Express gratitude, be positive, and soak up all the love and happiness in your life. Life is good!

Now go watch About Time, and feel touched and inspired!


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