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Discovering yourself and finding happiness

on November 16, 2013

What will make you happy? What have you discovered about yourself? What keeps you grounded in gratitude?

Contentment seems fleeting. We tend to focus on something new, in the next horizon. People will say that a new house will make them happy, then they want new furniture. A new job will bring them happiness, but then they get disenchanted by the job. They want kids, then they get exhausted from being a new parent….Sometimes, it’s hard to find contentment, especially when we keep comparing ourselves to others.

How can we live in the moment instead of thinking of the next thing that will make us happier? I don’t have all the answers, and I think the only one who can tell us what that is and who can bring us lasting happiness is God the Almighty himself.

Fear can get in the way of happiness. You may be afraid of what people think of you, and you can’t just enjoy being you. You may focus too much on your flaws and not express enough gratitude.

“When you continue to choose a life, daily, that is not true to who you really are – deep down inside – you are letting your one precious life slip away, by choice. If this is happening, and you don’t feel you have the power to do something about it, ask yourself what are you afraid of.” (Jill Bates, Happy Healthy, & Strong). And then try to put that aside, and focus on loving yourself and loving your life with no regrets.

“Forget what other people want or expect of you. Forget what society tells you is the meaning of success. If you don’t spend your precious days living a life you feel is meaningful and joyful, what else is there? Why are we here if it isn’t with meaning, purpose, and joy? This is your life, how are you choosing to live it each day?” (Jill Bates, Happy Healthy, & Strong)

For, me it’s so difficult to let go of one negative thing. I want everyone to like me. Right now, I’m having a hard time finding happiness and confidence when I have a work shift alongside one particular coworker. This one lady I feel uncomfortable around, like she doesn’t like me even when I try to be super nice to her and do everything right. It bothers me and kills my self confidence.

I’ve been thinking, why should one person shake up my confidence and happiness? Is it my pride? My desire to please everyone and make sure I’m in a good spotlight? I don’t know exactly, but I want to let it go.

My husband tells me that in life, there will be people that don’t like us, no matter how good or nice we are. We shouldn’t let one negative person or thing bring us down. He says he finds the worst in people so that he’s pleasantly surprised when they do a nice thing. I’m the opposite and expect the best from everyone and get disappointed a lot.

How do you view others? Is it hard for you to let go and be happy no matter what the circumstances?

Lately, I’ve been telling myself that God is my foundation. It helps me stay more composed in emotions, knowing that other people shouldn’t shake my ground, because God is with me.

Jill also says, “I find myself wondering, what is wrong with me when someone doesn’t like me (co-dependency way of thinking). I realize it’s usually not me, it’s something in them, but I still blame me. (Even with people I don’t even really like that much, I want to win them over). A lot of people can have someone say something crummy to them or have someone treat them poorly and just shrug it off. They get over it and move on in a second. I, on the other hand, am crushed. Just affects me. That’s why I try to surround myself with happy, positive people, people that understand me and accept me for who I am. Often I’m on my own but at least I’m not being drawn down by negativity. You have to decide, this is who I am and I like me. The right people will want to be around that.”

So remember, surround yourself by good people and be true to yourself. And when you are in an uncomfortable situation or surrounded by a less than stellar person, still be strong and confident. Trust in yourself and trust in God to make you happy despite the situation.

Tell yourself, “This is who I am, I like me. God is my foundation. I have much to be happy about”. Then, make a gratitude list of all the wonderful blessings God has given you in this moment and this day. Keep the hope in your heart, to keep going when things and people want to drag you down. Trust in God most of all.


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