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Time is relative

on December 28, 2013

I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone and the new year 2014 is upon us. Time flies.

It makes me realize that time is precious and mysterious. Time is so relative, what we make of it in that moment. To some it moves at the snap of a finger, to others it’s unbearably slow. Time goes by. We look forward to something in the future and it soon becomes something of the past.

Sometimes we focus too much on the past, clinging to memories and wishing we could experience past things again. And often we keep our head in the clouds, dreaming of future things that will supposedly make life better.

Christmas and the end of the year reminds me that I need to slow down and savor the present time. Sure it’s nice to remember good things of the past sometimes, and set goals and dream about the future. But what God really wants from us is to savor every moment as it comes.

I am reading a cute story by John O’Hurley about words of wisdom from his dogs. One of the messages is that dogs tend to get excited about the little things, they only have a fifteen-minute mindset. So if a dog messed up, once fifteen minutes had past, he let it all go, forgave himself, and moved on. Also, dogs are joyful for a dinner, even if the dinner is boring canned meat. Dogs take what they have and savor everything. They learn from their past, easily moved forward out of the past, enjoy the present, and just live life now.

God is so good!  God gave us the best present, Jesus. 🙂 We need to continue to savor the present, savor time, and savor Jesus and His forgiveness. Let’s celebrate each second and thank God for this life we have NOW.

How do you see time? See time as a way to show God’s love to others, as a way to express gratitude.

May the new year bring hope, joy, and better focus on what’s important.


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