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The W remedies

on January 10, 2014

Jolene Engle from the Alabaster Jar had a great post this morning, and I’d like to share a little bit of her reflection.

She talks about remedies when we are feeling wounded, weary, wandered, and other heartfelt emotions.

“5 Remedies for a Woman’s Heartache

1.  Word of God

Reading the Bible brings us Truth.  It guides us, comforts us, gives us wisdom, and helps us to put our emotions back in check when they’re all over the place like some roller coaster.  The Word is our discerner and helps us to know when something isn’t right or when someone is speaking lies into our life.

2.  Worship

Giving praise and adoration to our Lord will always put your life back into the right perspective.  Since Christ is the Lord of our lives, then we worship Him and not ourselves, right?

3.  With the Body of Christ

Fellowship with other Believers is imperative.  God uses the Body of Christ as His hands and feet to minister to His children.  Don’t isolate yourself when you’re living through the ‘W’s.  If anything, reach out and let others know you’re in need.

4.  Witness

When we move outside of our kingdom, (our world), and seek to build God’s kingdom, our eyes are not on self, the problem, the circumstance, the trial, or the pain.  Be a witness of the Gospel.  Make the world scratch their heads wondering how on earth you can serve others while you’re living through difficult circumstances.

5.  Wait on the Lord

Faith:  it’s where the rubber meets the road, Baby!  I think every Christian would say that want to grow in their faith- until they learn what the cost is!  Growing in our faith is not easy because it requires us to trust God and not our self.  But once we learn to hand our lives over to the Lord and completely surrender our ways to Him, then our faith blossoms.

Be still, and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

So now that you can identify your heartaches, as well as learn their remedies, I’ve got another ‘W’ word for you. Warrior.

The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is his name!  Exodus 15:3

Lean into your Warrior and let Him defend you, shield you, protect you, guide you, and fight your battles.”

So, remember that we can do this!

We can get through any challenges with God and these “W” reminders. Worship God, Wait on Him, be With others and draw comfort from fellow believers, be a Witness of the Gospel and focus on serving, and read the Word for healing and hope. Amen.


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