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Send love

on January 25, 2014

Send love where it is needed.

send love

















I saw this image this morning and it’s so simple yet so full of truth and depth.

At work I find that one kind customer really rubs off in a good way and makes things so much more pleasant. And I know that the other employees and I do make a difference to the customers. The other day a man told us that he really appreciated how friendly we were. That he was surprised we were so helpful and kind, that it doesn’t happen a lot, and that it makes the store so much nicer to shop in. I loved hearing that! It made me strive to be even more friendlier as customers come in, and to overcome my fear of not knowing where some supplements are, but to just reach out and do my best to help. Even when I feel unhelpful, it’s the effort that counts. I’m trying my best to spread kindness to anyone.

Today and everyday when you wake up, let your love shine and rub off on others. Be friendly to strangers, because you never know if they need a pick-me-up. Life is about relationships, and we need to do better about opening up and sending love. See the joy in interacting with people.

Remember to send love. ❤


One response to “Send love

  1. Linda says:

    Love that.

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