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Out of your realm

on February 21, 2014

Is there something you really want to do but it feels out of your realm, feels different than what you usually do? Do you feel incompetent in some areas, but want to overcome your weakness?

I see beautiful olympic skaters and want to try ice skating again.

I see musicians having fun dancing in their music video, with no care in the world how silly they look. I want to shake my body and be silly, dancing in the living room.

I want to be more flirty with my husband….because you can never be flirty and loving enough. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like flirty isn’t me, but I need to realize that I can be myself, I can be silly, I can be girly around my husband.

I hear friends pray really good prayers at Bible study, and I want to pray more to God, pray better prayers.

I want to make more photo albums and scrapbooks, because my memory is poor and I want to be able to tell stories to people as I grow up.

Remember to take risks, have fun, and try something new! And constantly strive for improvements, being a better you, being a better Christian. When you feel weak in an area, overcome it and try to fix it! Go out of your usual realm.

Life is good. Celebrate! Have fun, cherish the memories, and be you.


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