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Oscar Day

on March 3, 2014

Yesterday the Oscars were on television and many people around the country were tuned in to watch the lovely and comedic Ellen Degeneres. I didn’t happen to watch the Oscars, because I don’t have cable, and I have not watched many of the movies that were up for an award, but I was glad to hear that Frozen one for Best Animated Feature and Let It Go won for Best Original Song in a Feature Film.

For me, yesterday was Oscar Day for a different reason. In remembrance of Oscar, the black cat that we found outside last year and took it in our home to feed and take care of. Yesterday, we brought Oscar to an adoption agency to be adopted out to another loving family. Oscar was sweet, fun, playful, and a stinker, but he was aggressive to our two other cats, so after much effort to try to keep him, we decided he’d be best in another household.

It’s always hard losing a loved one, and this was something we’ve never experienced with a pet, to lose not by death but by having someone else adopt him.

For Oscar Day, I pray for all cats that are in need of a loving home, that they may be adopted out to a loving kind family. And I thank God for the short time that Oscar was with us. We are blessed with pets to be our companion and bring some joy into the home!


One response to “Oscar Day

  1. Linda says:

    Awww, a nice prayer. Praying that Oscar gets a nice home.

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