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Give it a go!

on March 6, 2014

“You will fail because you are human. You will fall because the path is rough. But know that your failures too are part of the gift of life, so put them to their highest use. Don’t stop, mate. Give everything a go!” – Nick Vujicic

We make mistakes. We suffer through hard times. We have our struggles. Despite those, we should take them and go beyond.

As Nick mentions throughout his book, Life Without Limits, our struggles and challenges are here to help us. Failures are a gift from God, teaching us to be more successful and stronger, building our character, motivating us to achieve new heights, and giving us an appreciation for success.

So, next time you are struggling through a challenge, just think to yourself that you are growing and preparing yourself for good things to come! Stay in the game and continue to give your all.


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