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Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

Desire for God

on March 13, 2014

This Lenten season is about coming closer to God, following His will, reflecting on the Christian life, and becoming better.

One of my goals this Lent is to pray morning and evening. I recently found this nice website that goes through each day of Lent with prayers, reflections, and Bible verses.

Tuesday’s reflection was on desire for God. What a great thing! God wants our emotions, everything about us. We don’t have to be serious, non-passionate Christians in order to follow Him. We can put our heart and emotions into being a child of God!

May we grow in desire for God and let Him guide us in all that we do, even have Him guide us in channeling our emotions for good.

“Father of my soul, Mother of my heart, I know Your love for me is limitless beyond imaging. You care for me as a loving parent. Through my smallest Lenten sacrifices, help me to become less selfish and more aware of Your ways. Fan the flame of my desire to draw ever closer to You. Guide me to seek Your love. Amen.”


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