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Do you see positive change today?

on March 20, 2014

A good goal to have is to continue to grow as a person. We are never perfect and can always make our lives better! Continue to strive for positive change in your life.

What does positive change mean to you? For me, that means staying upbeat, being optimistic, exercising for most days of the week, and growing in my faith.

As for positive change today, do you notice any change? Or are you in a routine, not keeping up with your goal for personal or spiritual growth?

Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and I found my old journal from last fall. I like to write in a journal to clear my mind and document my life. So I opened it up and read some entries. This was definitely a way to see positive change in my life, because, well in these entries I was in my dark moment. I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Reading it again made me see how I was truly unbalanced, sensitive, and hurting. And reading it again made me appreciate how I am today – upbeat, stronger, and happy.

But I don’t want to stop here now. I do still have some down days, and even when I have a happy day, I want to strive to be happier. My goal is to continue to grow stronger and happier and to continue to see positive change.


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