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Simple ideas for time management

on March 27, 2014

I’m sure many of us have busy and fulfilling lives, and adding another task can make it just that much more busy. What can you do in your schedule to simplify and make it easier for you? Here are some time management tips:

1. Make it easier for dinner

– Make large amount of food at once and then have leftovers for the next few days or freeze half for another time.

– Cook veggies in the microwave for quicker cooking.

– Make a simple salad and add protein source like beans or fish and then have some chips and salsa.

– Make a one-pot soup where you add any veggies and beans and some water and seasoning and just heat it on the stove, with little supervision

2. Make a list

– Write down a list of things you need to do that day.

– As you complete each task, check it off. This helps me feel less stressed, to not procrastinate, and makes me more productive, seeing my progress on paper.

3. Prioritize

– What tasks are more important? Can you eliminate any tasks that aren’t as important?

– Learn to say “no”.

4. Work effectively

– Choose the right time to do the most important tasks; the time that you work best at and are most effective. For instance, I work best in the morning and I am less focused in the afternoon.

– Block out any distractions and put your entire focus on the task at hand.


These are just some of the many ideas to help with simplifying your life and time management. Hope these are helpful to you!


One response to “Simple ideas for time management

  1. Linda says:

    I do a written to do list too…helps a lot! Also I do better in the mornings too…guess we are related? Lol

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