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Telling your story

on March 30, 2014

So often we don’t think to tell our story, our experiences, and our desires. But today, I realized that it valuable. It is important to reflect on what you’ve experienced in your life, on what your desires and goals are, and on just your thoughts and feelings. To express yourself and tell your story is showing who you are as a Christian, as well as releasing deep feelings that you may have buried.

Today, I talked with the pastor and my fiance about my experiences and hopes as a Christian and attending church. We had to reflect on attending church growing up as a kid, our values and understandings of the church and our faith, and just our experiences in life that related to the church and our growth in our faith.

I want to express more of my faith, I want to strengthen my faith, and I want to be fully committed in my life to God. I felt a little tense and emotional with my story being told and expressed, but in the end, I felt good, knowing that we Christians share a bond through God, that our life experiences are unique and special, and that growth in our faith is something to desire and achieve. Always strive to grow as a person.

What’s your story? What’s your desires for being apart of the church? What can you learn about the church and your faith?


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