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Push yourself

on May 5, 2014

Sometimes we stay stuck in our comfort zones and prefer to stay that way. But we can miss on opportunities and new experiences by being that way.

My fiance and I had a discussion last night about wishing we pushed ourselves more to get out of our comforts. Growing up (and even today) we tend to stay put, not being more involved in school or the community and not pushing ourselves above and beyond. We are both introverted and shy, and it can be difficult to try new things and gain friendships.

Why do we tend to stay in our comfort zone? Many times it’s fear. Whether it be fear of not being accepted, fear of not doing the right thing, or other personal fears.

What can you do to push yourself? What is your goal and how can you achieve that?

For me, I want to gain friends. It’s always been difficult for me – to find people my age as well as make a conversation and make an effort to start a friendship – but I want it at the same time. I think, trying new things like community classes or group hikes or church activities, can all help.


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