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When people are hard to love

on May 6, 2014

Days can go up and down. Today, I thought of this song from Frozen:

“‘Reindeers are better than people
Sven, don’t you think that’s true?’
‘Yeah, people will beat you
And curse you and cheat you
Every one of ’em’s bad except you.'”

I don’t understand how people can be so selfish and mean, so hurtful, so disrespectful, even to strangers. And it can make me emotional and aloof, apathetic, and tired. It’s frustrating, because one comment can change someone’s mood entirely – a sweet gesture can make someone’s day, while a lash out on someone can linger for hours.

Nitty Gritty Love in comparison has a wonderful reflection about seeing joy, even in people. She looks at the movie Pollyanna for inspiration in how to keep the joy when people try to bring you down.

“…But take heart!  This challenge isn’t about guilt.  It isn’t about judging or criticizing or feeling bad.  It’s about joy.  It’s about looking up instead of down.  It’s about gratitude instead of complaining.  And admittedly, I’m the worst offender of them all.  How about today, right now, we make change.  Are you with me?  It might be tough at first, in a world full of negativity and entitlement, but stick with it and and soon we may just find that the positivity flowing from our mouths and hearts is impacting those around us in a real and noticeable way.  In our families, at our work, with our friends…let’s BE Pollyanna.”

May we be strong and carry love and kindness wherever we go, even when we face people who are hard to love. Because love, positivity, encouragement, seeing joy in life, and overall selfless kindness really is the answer.


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