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Action for success

on August 2, 2014

“‘Hope,’ he told her, ‘rarely enters into it. ‘Tis action moves the world. If ye mind nothing else I’ve taught ye of the game of chess, mind that: ye cannot leave your men to stand unmoving on the board and hope to win. A soldier must first step upon the battlefield if he does mean to cross it.’ ” – Susanna Kearsley, The Winter Sea

It’s important to have hope and motivation to achieve goals and tasks. But it’s the act itself and succeeding that’s the most important. It’s “action [that] moves the world”.

I think of when one supports a special cause, such as ending animal cruelty. We can’t just hope to end animal abuse; rather we must take action (and get out of our chairs!) to support the cause.

How does taking action relate in your life and in your successes? One thing that I need to actively achieve for my success is regularly exercise to keep fit. I can’t just stand by and hope for good health; I need to be constantly at work to maintain good health and fitness.


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