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Seek in anticipation

on August 14, 2014

“How to go forward, always seeking, always in anticipation? Always a little more and a little more, just a few steps farther, a few moments longer. Something new may have washed up on the tide, just over there or beyond that dune or around that point or just out of sight, waiting in the next curl of a wave. I desire to live my life this way, father, as Isabelle has. Not caged by the walls of fear, but in anticipation of the bridges to magnificence. Help me to find the way.” – Iola Anne in The Prayer Box, by Lisa Wingate

There’s always a moment in life where we fear what to do or how to deal with it. I know that when I’m faced with new things in my life, I am both excited and fearful. Sometimes I don’t know if I should put my foot forward or not.

Our faith, though, should be the number one  thing that keeps us strong and moving forward. God knows the way even when we may not, and we should seek in anticipation and patience for what God has planned for us next. Keep going forward, not with anxiety, but with eagerness and anticipation.



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