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Christians and Citizens

on October 21, 2014

Does your faith shape how you act as a citizen of the law? Does being a Christian shape government policy? Or does the law shape your morals and faith? I would think it’s a little of both. It’s hard to say which one leads to the other. But no matter what, they should blend.

The priest on Sunday talked about Paul and the Thessalonians and how Paul gave them praise for being active Christians and good citizens.

In terms of politics, there could be considered four groups. Voting groups include:

the “base” group, those active and enthusiastic about political issues, filled with a spirit, a passion for it all, who do their part as citizens and vote, attend political events, and/or express their views and stay involved.

-the good citizen group, who votes and has a preference for one political party over the other, but not as enthusiastic or active as the “base” group, though still opinionated and involved.

-the independent group, who has no real political party preference, but votes based on the individual’s personality and agenda, who may vote but not actively, is a little more passive, and is all about the circumstances and the candidate.

and the group that has no care for politics and goes on with their own lives, not aware of the issues and has no real faith in politics.

Like the different voters groups, there are different groups of Christians:

-the “base” group, the Christian who is active and passionate about their faith, living it out daily, striving to have a relationship with God.

-the good Christian who attends mass each week, has faith and beliefs, but doesn’t do much outside of church.

-the independent group, someone who may have a sense of right and wrong and beliefs but doesn’t quite fit in a church or Christian group.

the non-believer.

Many times when thinking about leaders, government, and voters, it doesn’t seem that faith can be in the mix. Politics can get complicated and messy. Talk of war, laws, crime, education, employment, etc…are involved in politics. But faith should be involved in it all, too.

We are reminded that we should strive to be better, to strive to move up in to the next group level, to be a better Christian and voter. We are called by God to constantly apply our faith to all that we do. Government and faith should be involved. We should act based on our faith and vote to make the world a better place for all. Continually think about which decision will be good for all, bring equality and fairness, help support education, etc… and stop crime and violence. We should put our faith and morals into play.

*May God guide you in this election season to vote for what’s right. May you be more enthusiastic for Christ and be filled with His spirit. May every decision you make, big or small, public or private, be what God would want you to choose. Be a Christian citizen! Let your faith shine through. Amen.


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