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Grace Unplugged

on October 25, 2014

I recently watched the movie, Grace Unplugged, which is about a girl who goes after her musical dreams and to find her own way, but finds that her family and God are what’s important.

This Christian-based movie was morally engaging and musically entertaining (AJ Michalka!). Grace got so preoccupied with her selfish desires and the success of being a star, that she pushed out her family, her church, and her God. She thought that this path for becoming a musician would make her happy, but she still wasn’t happy. Only when Grace came to realize that God is the way and that her family is what’s important, then she felt happy.

In the end, she had the courage to ask for forgiveness to her church and her family. What a great image. So many of us struggle to repent or to have the courage to say sorry, and despite her tears while she did it, it was a beautiful moment. Grace was then blessed with grace!

Grace = the love and mercy given to us by God, because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it

Where have you felt the grace of God?

Stop chasing after empty dreams. Follow God, He is all we need.




One response to “Grace Unplugged

  1. Great movie! Thanks for sharing here.

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