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Set your inner compass

on November 1, 2014

I love the book Choosing Happiness,  by Stephanie Dowrick – it’s just a wonderful resource to have on hand and read a page or two before bed. So many insightful tips and reflections on ways to be a happier and stronger person!

Just last night, I was feeling low about myself for letting negative and self-destructive thoughts consume my mind, so I picked up this book, and started reading the section on choosing your attitudes and responses – to set your inner compass.

“Take a few moments to set your inner compass:

– Remind yourself that you still have crucial choices about how your day will unfold. You have the power to choose the direction of your day, day by day, and minute by minute.

– Consider what strengths you will need and what values you may want to call on. Trust that you have them and these strengths will empower you in your day.

– Remind yourself that no matter how busy your day, you can meet the day with confidence. You have the mindset to set your own compass and your response to the day, no matter what.”

Remember to act, rather than react. Give yourself permission to stop for a moment and think, “I can reset my compass.” “I have the freedom to choose my response” I have the strengths necessary for a smooth day ahead.

In addition, I think realigning your compass for the day, involves pausing. Just for a moment, a pause can be powerfully healthy. A short pause can mean reflecting on the moment and your feelings, listening carefully, and thinking about how you can be more empowered or positive!


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