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Keeping grounded

on November 14, 2014

When you feel anxious and overwhelmed, take slow deep breaths through your abdomen and meditate. One thing to meditate on is to imagine yourself being grounded.

In the book, The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide, Ted Zeff writes that to help with anxiety, imagine yourself being grounded. What does grounded mean? Grounded means to be steady, with your feet on the ground, your thoughts controlled, and your body calm. 

He paints an image for us to think about: Imagine you are standing on the ground, and there are ropes holding your legs and arms down securely, but not in a restraining way. These ropes extend under the ground all the way to the Earth’s core, where energy and peace flow. All through your body you experience that steady flow.

This image, makes me feel secure. I am grounded and calm, with a constant flow of energy and peace. I am steady.


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