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Advent Peace List

on December 11, 2014

In the church, December is a celebration of Advent, a time of preparing and leading up to the birth of Jesus at Christmas. During this time, as we all celebrate Christmastime, sometimes we can get so busy with hectic plans that we don’t really reflect on what it truly means to celebrate Christmas.

What does it mean to celebrate Christmas?

I think it means taking time: to be with family, to give with a generous heart, to be involved in the community, and to be at peace.

How can you be more at peace during this time?

My Pastor suggested creating an Advent Peace List, which is like a checklist that lists all the ways that you can instill more peace into your daily week. Instead of being enveloped with hectic plans, take time to bring peace into your Christmas.

Let peace echo throughout your life, anytime of the year!

My Advent Peace List looks like this:

 Pray each morning to start the day in peace.

Reflect on each day what I am thankful for.

Give away items to donate.

Read daily devotional or Advent scriptures.

Share peace with others, such as making goodies to bring at festivals or for neighbors.

Keep in touch with family and friends.

Have fun – smile and laugh each day.

Take time to relax with pets and loved ones.

Sing carols.

Offer kind words.


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