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Feed your mind good thoughts

on December 28, 2014

Has anyone experienced stomach upset after eating something decadent, fatty, and unhealthy? Your body didn’t like that food. Has anyone forgotten to water their plants and the plants wilted? Your plants needed water and it didn’t get it. 

What about your mind? Have you fed your mind with good food and necessary nutrients? Proper fuel for the mind should be good thoughts! 

People can be clouded with the negative that happens in their lives. Yes, the world is full of negativity, violence, sadness, and struggle. But focusing on the positive and the hopeful could do a lot of good and bring more peace.

By feeding your mind with the proper fuel, you will live a stronger, healthier, and happier life.

How can you feed your mind with good thoughts?

Make an effort to detoxify your mind. When you start to think of something negative, throw it out and dwell on something positive. For me, I repeat in my head something positive, such as “Today is a great day” or “I am happy”, or I think about dancing to upbeat music in the living room laughing and smiling with my husband.

What can you do to change your thoughts to something more positive? 

Just think about the positive impact it will have on your life when you feed your mind with the right thoughts.


One response to “Feed your mind good thoughts

  1. […] When we exercise, we must train our bodies to get stronger, to get fit, and to be healthy. Likewise, we must train our mind to think positive and be stronger. Feed your mind with good thoughts. […]

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